Retail for RFID

Current consumption trends focus on quality and origin, while production and business activities focus on quality and good management of goods. So what is the solution that both ensures production activities and meets the needs of consumers? One of the best solutions today is RFID technology. Applying radio waves as a code containing data, RFID is trusted by major brands, retail chains or distribution and production systems worldwide because of the following advantages: Fast, processing speed high; Ensure accuracy and excellent data storage capacity; Trace the origin of goods, minimize the problem of counterfeit goods, imitation goods; Manage import and export goods in a short time. Data security is superior to conventional scanning codes; Strengthening the global supply chain through innovative labeling solutions such as RFID is the key to success for major brands, and pioneers in this technology must be followed by Nike and the Walmart retail chain, two empires of fashion, sports and retail. Compared with the old management with barcodes, RFID is superior in all aspects, from being able to read multiple chips at the same time to preventing data falsification, while saving human costs and many other factors. such as technology transfer or machine tools. Going beyond technology, they succeeded, and you are next!

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