Regulatory and Quality Assurance

The core of our company’s ethics and values has always been our quality assurance efforts and following prescribed government health and safety standards. We understand how manufacturing comes with complex government safety regulations and what we do and how we do it can impact the health and well-being of our employees, customers, and the environment. We ensure that our products and services comply with stringent regulatory standards while being mindful of the environment.

Quality Assurance

KOMAX’s Total Productivity Management (BMS) and Business Management Systems (TPM) programs continuously improve product quality..

As a quality leader in the printing industry, KOMAX facilities has committed to quality management systems that meet or exceed our customers’ requirements và environmental certification. KOMAX Quality is a nonstop process that begins with defining processes and specific procedures to be followed at every step, from our selection of raw materials through production and delivery of inks to you. It comes full-circle via a Customer Report System that documents feedback, supplier questionnaires and ensures corrective actions be taken if needed, with steps to further verify their effectiveness. Our Senior Management Quality Council monitors system effectiveness in all KOMAX facilities. The KOMAX Total Productive Management (TPM) systems and programs are at the core of our operations and continually advance product quality, environmental and sustainability initiatives. Education and Training within the entire KOMAX Business Management System continues to be at the forefront of all our improvement programs and customer initiatives.

Regulatory Compliance

As a leader in regulatory and compliance issues, KOMAX works closely with customers to “help them comply with the strict regulatory standards” required by brand owners.

Backed by substantial investment in research and development, KOMAX places a high priority on the procurement and selection of the raw materials used to form our products. Our management team is strategically based in our R&D center to ensure maximum collaboration in real time. All products are reviewed to comply with not only global government regulations but also the requirements of brand owners, as well as the safety and well-being of both KOMAX employees and employees. user membership. KOMAX Regulatory Affairs helps guide users through their regulatory needs, providing transparent regulatory reporting for appropriate risk assessment. KOMAX keeps abreast of applicable laws and other regulatory information by actively participating in industry trade groups.

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