Komax Vietnam Co. is a major printing manufacturer in Vietnam, a subsidiary of the Korean Komax group with full services in Asia, Europe and the US; and is part of the worldwide RFID operation. We offer a complete technology line of printing and coating solutions for commercial, packaging and digital applications.


With a complex of modern, high-capacity machines from countries with the world’s leading printing industry such as Germany or Japan, you will have a delivery experience that no other supplier has ever met. we Provide a variety of transportation types to suit each customer’s specific needs.


We are EEOC employers that provide comprehensive benefits programs and services to employees and their families, creating a level playing field for everyone. Apply more objective standards in remuneration and promotion policies for employees.
This is good for society and business.


KOMAX VIETNAM was established in 1999, but general company since 1986 in KOREA.
1988 Established Komax Indonesia
1998 Established Komax Thailand
2009 Established Komax South China
2011 Established Komax USA
2018 Build system and rule RFID label.


KOMAX quality assurance is realized through the use of Auto Production Management Systems, RFID Systems, Brooks.
ERP Business Management System.
All of our Systems are at the heart of our quality control and improvement programs.


Environmental friendliness is an inevitable action. Environmental pollution is getting worse, a matter of worldwide concern. We are committed to creating eco-friendly products that deliver outstanding performance and quality while minimizing our environmental impact.


Consistent innovation, Research & Development is what drives breakthrough solutions to our customers’ problems and challenges.
In a borderless world,We offer a wide range of product and service capabilities that no other print manufacturer can match.

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