About our Komax Viet Nam

Vietnam branch of World Komax co.ltd, Busan, Korea.

Established in 1999 and has been operating in the Vietnamese market for more than 20 years.

Trusted partner of many brands in Vietnam and around the world.

Vision:  During the process of operation and development, Komax has always oriented the company to become one of the most prestigious and powerful enterprises in the field of providing printing solutions and a worthy friend and partner. trusted by all brands, whether in Vietnam or internationally.

Mission: Komax Vietnam, with the motto “Delivering what you want – accompanying you anywhere”, is ready to work with customers to create resoundingly successful products in the market.

Core Values: During the process of formation and development in Vietnam, Komax always adheres to and strictly implements the following to ensure optimal core benefits for customers:

Customers are the highest priority, the most accurate measure for Komax Vietnam

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